Coffee grounds drawer with knock-out rod

[Serie 8]

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Coffee grounds drawer, made completely in stainless steel Aisi 304, complete with grounds beater covered in EPDM to avoid damaging the filters and filter holder.
Practical for daily use, easy to clean at the end of the day thanks to the internal tray with rounded corners.

It can be purchased together with the vapour protection cap.

The new Series 8 handle, integrated in the front, has been designed with a large grip for an improved ergonomics. All components have been subjected to specific durability tests and numerous technical tests to verify their robustness and reliability over time.

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Product Details

The coffee grounds drawer is placed inside the coffee machine counter and is an essential component for completing the counter.

Some of our customers choose the coffee grounds hopper, as an alternative element to the drawer, for the organisation of their coffee counter.

This drawer for coffee grounds belongs to the Priolinox Series 8, characterised by a design inspired by the latest trends in the world of furnishing and catering while respecting functionality. It is a clean line where all details have been carefully studied. The front is flat and the projection towards the outside is really limited. The handle, integrated in the front, offers a wide and ergonomic grip.