Coffee drawer with knock out rod

[Serie 4000]

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Coffee grounds drawer for recessed use in the counter where the coffee machine is positioned.

The drawer for coffee grounds is made in stainless steel and is equipped with an EPDM-coated ground rod that maintains the functionality of the filters and filter holders.

Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, it is practical to use for collecting coffee grounds and easy to clean at the end of the day.

It can be purchased together with the vapour protection cap.

The smoothness of the drawer is ensured by RILSAN rollers, mounted on brass bushes.

The ergonomic handle of the 4000 series is also available in other colours and finishes.


Product Details

The coffee grounds drawer is placed inside the coffee machine counter as an essential element of the counter itself. As an alternative to the drawer, some customers choose the coffee hoppers for the organisation of their coffee counter.

This drawer, equipped with a beating stick, belongs to the Priolinox 4000 Series. The distinguishing feature of the 4000 Series is the clean lines with the centrality of the handle, an element that has also been studied from an ergonomic point of view to guarantee an easy, comfortable and safe grip. The practicality of opening is reflected in the reduced protrusion and the absence of elements that may cause entanglement risks. The handle, supplied as standard in the “Blu Sablé” colour, is a prerogative of all 4000 Series Priolinox articles, and is also offered in other colours and finishes.