Plexiglass Lids

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Transparent lids of various sizes for ice cream trays and bowls. Discover in the catalogue all the available sizes.

The lid is recommended for storing ice cream in a hygienic way, keeping it safe from dust and microbes, preserving taste and color.


How to organize the ice-cream counter

Ice cream containers, lids, carapines: Priolinox offers you everything you need to furnish an ice cream shop and organize it in a functional way, respecting the best standards of the sector and offering a state-of-the-art set-up.

The transparent lids for the ice cream trays are a practical and functional element to keep the ice cream protected from germs. Discover all the other products and accessories available in our ice cream parlour range:

Ice cream trays, that can be covered with our transparent lids
Carapinas to hold your ice-creams, with their round and square stainless steel lids;
Ice cream scooping bowls, scoops and accessories;
Moulds for popsicles.