Round Lids and rings

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Stainless steel lids for ice cream containers, complete with collar ring for the ice cream display. Lids are available in different diameters, see the product sheet to know all the range. Covers are also available with the new patented ring with anti-condensation function.

Carapine lids have an ergonomic handle to facilitate the grip during the service and their thickness guarantees the insulation from the outside to keep the ice cream at the right temperature and with the correct humidity.

The lids are circular in shape, but it is also possible to choose lids for square-shaped carapinas.

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How to organize the ice-cream counter

Ice-cream pans, lids and carapinas : Priolinox offers you everything you need to furnish an ice-cream shop display and organize it in a functional way, respecting the best standards of the sector and offering a state-of-the-art set-up.

The round lids for ice cream pozzetto are usually purchased together with the carapinas and nests for ice cream or alone to complete the ice cream display. The function of the lid is to maintain the temperature and humidity of the ice cream inside in the carapina. To complete the ice cream counter, discover all the other products and accessories available in our ice cream display range: