Square lids and rings

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Stainless steel lids for ice cream scoops, equipped with frame for installation on the top of the ice cream counter or granite counter. Lids are available in various sizes and shapes, all compatible for use with cylindrical carapins of various sizes. Consult the product sheet to know all the available measures.

Carapine lids are equipped with an ergonomic handle to facilitate the grip during the service, the insulation with new generation expanders and the gasket ensure the maintenance of ice cream or slush at the correct temperature and humidity.

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How to organize the ice cream counter

Ice cream parlour pans, lids and carapinas: Priolinox offers you everything you need to furnish an ice cream shop display and organize it in a functional way, respecting the best industry standards and offering a state-of-the-art set-up.

Square lids for ice cream containers are usually purchased together with the ice cream carapinas, or individually to complete the ice cream counter. The function of the lid is to maintain the temperature and the humidity of the ice cream or granita in the carapina.

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