Ice-cream nests

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The nest is a stainless steel container inside which the ice cream scoop is placed. It is integrated in the ice cream display and remains in contact with the cooling liquid, transmitting the cold by conduction to the carpina. The nest for ice cream can also be used in dry well ventilated counters.

The nests are available both in the traditional version with a smooth wall and with the patented anti-rotation system that allows the scoopers not to rotate during the scooping phase, thus facilitating the serving of ice cream with scoop or portioner. The dimensions of the nests are available in different diameter (5 different sizes) and depth.

The standard depths of the nests are 26 and 51 cm, but it is possible to make sizes with different depths to meet the needs of the customer and adapt to any ice cream counter.



How to organize the ice cream counter

Ice cream containers, lids, ice cream scoops and carapinas: Priolinox offers you everything you need to furnish an ice cream shop display and organize it in a functional way, respecting the best standards of the sector and offering a state-of-the-art set-up.

The nests are the containers for housing the carapinas, they are made of stainless steel and are an important element for the functioning of the ice cream counter. To complete the ice cream counter, discover all the other products and accessories available in our ice cream parlour range:

Round and square stainless steel lids for ice cream containers;
Ice cream pans and transparent lids;
Ice cream batcher washing trays, scoops and utensils;
Moulds for ice lollies.